Candle Care Kit


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Keep your candles burning cleaner, longer and brighter with the luxurious Candle Care Kit. Available in gold, matte black, and pink.

Wick trimmer: Trimming the wick is easy enough when your candle is new, but that gets tricky when the candle has been burned a few times. No need for awkward trims with a pair of scissors. Instead, the long handle of the wick trimmer allows you to easily reach the wick at the bottom of the candles, to clip and remove the burned wick debris.

Candle snuffer: Gently extinguish the flame by placing the cone-shaped top over all types of candles. The dangling design gives access to snuff the fame at any angle.

Wick dipper: Used to dip the lit wick into the melted wax to extinguish the flame. Voila! Clean and smoke-free.

Tray: Hold and display your gorgeous candle upkeep tools.

Lighter: The sleek long lighter makes it easier to light candles that have burned down into the container. Gorgeous

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